Tag: carpentry

Pressure Treated Bench

How to make an outdoor bench out of pressure treated wood.

Pressure Treated Planter Box

How to make a large planter box out of pressure treated wood.

Live Edge Maple TV Stand

How I built a TV stand out of a slab of live edge maple.

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame

How to make a picture frame out reclaimed wood.

Walnut Slab Wireless Charger

I made a wireless charger out of a scrap of live edge walnut and a cheap amazon wireless charging pad.

Tool Chest: Track Saw

Lets talk about tools. Tools are key to getting results. Especially when you’re first starting out good tools can make a huge difference. A track saw is a perfect example of this. Ever cut a perfectly straight line free hand? Ya, me neither. I’ve been close, but never perfect. Track saws take the skill out ...