Pressure Treated Chaise Lounge

How to make an outdoor lounger out of pressure treated wood.

Smart LED Bias Light

How to install LED strip lights on your monitor as a bias light.

LIFX Smart LED Strip Lights Review

My experience and impression of the LIFX Smart LED Strip Lights.

Pressure Treated Bench

How to make an outdoor bench out of pressure treated wood.

Pressure Treated Planter Box

How to make a large planter box out of pressure treated wood.

Tool Chest: Impact Gun

A quick look at why the impact gun might be your next tool.

Live Edge Maple TV Stand

How I built a TV stand out of a slab of live edge maple.

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame

How to make a picture frame out reclaimed wood.

Walnut Slab Wireless Charger

I made a wireless charger out of a scrap of live edge walnut and a cheap amazon wireless charging pad.

Google Home Review

In this post I'm going to review the Google Home, specifically I'm going to focus on it's home automation features.


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