Category: Build Guide

Mid-Century Modern Entertainment Unit

Follow along as I show you how I built my mid-century modern inspired entertainment unit out of solid maple and walnut.

Smart Lamp

Check out my new solid wood smart lamp and how I built it!

Industrial Mahogany Bookcase

I designed and built an industrial style bookcase out of solid mahogany and some angle iron.

Industrial Stacking Cart Table

How I rescued and refurbished a cool industrial stacking cart and gave it a second life as a coffee table.

Smart Bedside Cabinet

How I made a smart bedside cabinet out of a sheet of plywood and lot of cutting on a table saw.

Walnut Slab Charging Cradle

I made a charging cradle out of a scrap piece of walnut and a USB C cable.

Pressure Treated Outdoor Table

How to build a outdoor table out of pressure treated wood.

Pressure Treated Chaise Lounge

How to make an outdoor lounger out of pressure treated wood.

Smart LED Bias Light

How to install LED strip lights on your monitor as a bias light.

Pressure Treated Bench

How to make an outdoor bench out of pressure treated wood.