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Yet another way to get my content:

Part of running this blog means trying to branch out and find as many different communities as possible that I can actively participate in. I have a pet theory that if I’m a valuable contributor to a number of different websites it will help drive traffic to my site and grow my follower base. Finger crossed I’m right about that. Maybe I should just buy all of my followers from a Russian bot net.

Seriously though, Hometalk is a DIY community with a great user base. User share DIY projects and DIY knowledge. If you need a question answered it a great place to go.  Users are helpful and friendly, it’s got a great community vibe. I’ve also been in contact with a number of their staff members and  I think they have a strong vision for the future of the community.


So from now on I’m going to be posting all of my project on Hometalk. Obviously I will continue to post on this site as well, that isn’t going to change, it’s just another way for you to find my content and a lot of other DIY content.

Check out Hometalk, see what people are posting, and if you like my content give me a follow.

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