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In this post I’ll show you how you can mount all of your garden tools like rakes and shovels to your fence in order to save space. 

It’s fall and my yard is a mess. Time to clean things up a little bit. In this post I’ll show you how you can mount all of your garden tools like rakes and shovels to your fence in order to save space.

Leaves have been falling and soon it’s going to be snow. Problem is I have a small backyard that’s mostly taken up by my truck because it’s also my parking spot. That means space is at a premium. In order to keep things as organized as possible I wanted to find a way to keep my yard tools up and out of the way.

I looked on Amazon.ca and found these tool hangers for $11. Well today they arrived and I got right to installing them.

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I gathered all the tools I was going to need. My trusty, and frankly dilapidated looking, drill, a drill bit (slightly smaller than the threaded portion of tool hangers), a tape measure and a pencil.

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Out in the yard you can see just how tight things really are. I don’t want to be tripping over my shovels and rake every time I need to take out the trash.

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First I start by laying out my hanger locations. My widest shovel is just a little under 2 feet wide, so I set each hanger 2 feet apart and center all 3 in a section of fence. Just a quick pencil mark at the center of each hanger is all I need. When you’re selecting a location for your hangers make sure you pick somewhere that can support the weight of the hanger and the tools you plan to hang from them. In my case I found a good solid 2×4. I wouldn’t suggest installing these things in anything smaller.

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Time for the drill. Like I said before, make sure you drill bit is smaller than the diameter of your tool hanger’s threaded section. You want to make it easier to screw the hanger in, but want to leave enough wood that it has something to bite into. If your drill bit is too big you risk the hanger pulling out over time. I drill a single hole for each hanger right on my pencil marks from before.

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Right, time to screw in our hangers. No special tools needed here, just a little bit of good old fashioned muscle. Because I pre-drilled the holes this process is actually pretty easy. Truthfully, you could probably do this without pre-drilling if you really had to, but drilling before hand makes it a lot easier.

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This is what it looked like all said and done. Much better. The tools are up and out of the way and the yard looks a lot more organized. Nothing fancy, but definitely worth the 30 minutes it took me to do.

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