Tool Chest: Track Saw

Lets talk about tools.

Tools are key to getting results. Especially when you’re first starting out good tools can make a huge difference. A track saw is a perfect example of this. Ever cut a perfectly straight line free hand? Ya, me neither. I’ve been close, but never perfect.

Track saws take the skill out of cutting straight lines.

Track Saw
A track saw is just a circular saw that has an integrated guide, or track. You clamp the track to whatever material you are cutting, snap the saw onto the track and use the track to guide the saw as you cut. A properly setup track guarantees you a perfect cut every time.

Track Saw Cut


I use track saws for cutting live edge slabs of wood in order to create straight lines on natural pieces of wood. They work great for cutting large sheets of plywood. Irreplaceable when it comes to install kitchen cabinets that need to be modified on site. Cutting a border into a bunch of deck boards? A track saw is the answer.

In many cases a track saw can even replace a full-size table saw. Especially when it comes to cutting large pieces of plywood. If space is limited I’ll take a track saw over a table saw all day long.

Most track saws come with different lengths of track so you can cut large and small piece of wood with ease.

  1. Man I would love to own a track saw but it is just not in the budget at the moment.


    1. Zachary Matchett-Smith April 20, 2018 at 9:22 am

      I know, they aren’t cheap! Which is kind of silly since it’s just circular saw with a slightly different body. I waited until I could bury the cost of it in a couple of kitchen reno jobs (great for cutting gables on site).

      It’s a good investment once you can afford it though, I find new uses for mine all the time!


      1. I can imagine. One of these days man, until then I will just be jealous.

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